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TAFTA exists primarily to drive social change.  From our experience and well documented sources, we believe that the creative arts represent an untapped opportunity to empower youth in Nigeria.

TAFTA plays a crucial role in shaping our society in a multitude of ways. Here are some of the key impacts of TAFTA on society:

Personal Empowerment

The skills our students study will enable them to gain financial independence, either as entrepreneurs or as part of a fast-growing sector that is already a major employer of youth in the country.

Social Empowerment

Society is often influenced by the creative output of the nation, largely influencing fashion, language, culture and social interactions. With this TAFTA is increasing participation with vulnerable groups who are typically sidelined when it comes to the creatives industry.

How do we measure progress?

Numbers are a key component of TAFTA’s monitoring and evaluation efforts. The amount of students we train, support, and jobs we help create are all transparent markers of what a project delivered and to how many people. But numbers, while useful, offer only a limited portrait of how our work positively changes the lives of millions of people in vulnerable situations.

Our impact is also measured by the individuals themselves. TAFTA actively seeks out students’ feedback, both positive and negative, throughout their learning cycle to ensure that our impact is of the highest standard to all students. This feedback helps to define the lasting effects of our intervention. Students’ voices improve us and our work, positioning us to better serve both our current and future community partners.

Stories of Impact

We believe that real change begins with stories—stories that inspire, stories that ignite action, and stories that showcase the incredible impact we can make together. We are thrilled to share some remarkable “Stories of Impact” that highlight the positive changes our collective efforts in TAFTA have brought to the lives of individuals and our community as a whole.