TAFTA always puts its best foot forward toward addressing the concerns of participants and partners of the TAFTA programs. To ensure maximum performance at the academy across different participating states, TAFTA collects monthly feedback from program coordinators. It then uses the feedback for growth assessment and overall improvement of the academy.
TAFTA Training Session, Lagos State

Program Manager at TAFTA, Lagos State

Fejiro Ubueme is the program manager at Terra Academy for the Arts, Lagos Chapter. He oversees the management of all TAFTA’s training and learning activities in Ogun.

His jurisdiction involves identifying potential challenges that may impact TAFTA’s progress in Ogun. Furthermore, he provides regular updates on the program to the stakeholders and partners at TAFTA.

Feedback on TAFTA Cohort 5 Performance in Lagos State

Number of Graduates TAFTA Produced in Lagos from Cohort 1-5.

Terra Academy for the Arts, Lagos State has produced around 7,763 graduates from Cohort 1 through Cohort 5.

Something Unique About TAFTA, Lagos State. Lagos State’s Learning And Practical Locations.

Lagos is unique because we’ve been able to partner with the government and youth-focused organizations that share the same vision as we do to drive the results you’re seeing. 

Terra Academy for the Arts, Lagos State allows its partners to do the mobilization, outsourcing a crucial part of the process to them and managing the students who come from these different channels. 

Lagos centers

No. 4 Thorbourn Avenue, Sabo Yaba, Lagos (Behind Ozone Cinemas, Custodian Street).

Igando Theatre, 88 College Street, NYSC bus stop, Igando Alimosho Local Government, Lagos.

Lagos Practical Centre

Sound Practical venue:  AE Distinct, 22B Oritshe Street, off Awolowo Way  Ikeja Lagos.

Stage Lighting Practical venue: 12/14 Anibaba street, Ketu Lagos.

Lagos NYSC Training by TAFTA

The Movement Of The TAFTA Learning Train Within Lagos State.

Terra Academy for the Arts, Lagos State started with LASU, moved to different governmental bodies, NYSC, and now back to schools and other non-governmental organizations through partnerships.

The Process Of The TAFTA Action Learning Project Within Lagos State. 

Please reach out to Mr Leke.

Insights Into The Welfare And Support Provided To The TAFTA Course Participants In

Lagos State.

We have gender and safeguarding personnel dedicated to ensuring that our participants are provided. We have low-interest loans for completors etc.

TAFTA Training Program In Lagos State.

Outcomes And Achievements Of The TAFTA Training Program In Lagos State. 

1. We partnered with the NYSC office in Lagos and became a full-fledged SAED (Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development) Partner.  

2. We also partnered with the Ministry of Youth and Development to provide free halls and mobilize youths in Lagos. We had access to Halls in Alimosho, Yaba and Ikeja.

3. Also, we had the first physical training at the Lagos State University of Education. We were provided with a free hall and mobilization before and after the training. 

4. In addition, we started conversations with LASUED on integrating TAFTA courses into the Department of Theatre Arts and getting a center directly in the school.

5. In all, we had a total of 9 trainings with over 1,450 people trained in cohort 5 alone and 23 trainings in total for the year. Started TALP in Lagos with 7 different monologues from different trainings across Lagos state.

6. Our Meeting with the Ministry of Youth and Development was a success and through them, we secured the Youth Rehab Centres in Idi Araba and Isheri. We Collaborated with Project Enable Africa to mobilize members of their community to take the training online.