TAFTA Training Program In Lagos State.
The world of TAFTA puts its best foot forward toward addressing the concerns of participants and partners of the TAFTA programs. To ensure maximum performance at the academy across different participating states, TAFTA collects monthly feedback from program coordinators. It then uses the feedback for growth assessment and overall academy improvement.

The information below is from the program coordinator in Ogun State.

Program Manager at TAFTA
Oluwafemi Oluwaseyi is the program manager at Terra Academy for the Arts, Ogun Chapter. He
oversees the management of all TAFTA’s training and learning activites in Ogun.


His jurisdiction involves identifying potential challenges that my impact TAFTA’s progress in Ogun.
Furthermore he provides regular updates on the program to the stakeholders and partners at

Feedback on TAFTA’s Performance in Ogun for the Previous Months

What Number of Graduates Has TAFTA Produced in Ogun from Cohort 1-5?

TAFTA has produced over 5,000 graduates from Cohort 1 through Cohort 5.

What Is Unique About Your State That You Would Like To Highlight? Is There Something Unique About Your Mobilization? Where Are Your Learning and Practical Locations?

Mobilization has been targeted to youths and spread in different parts of Ogun such as Abeokuta North, Abeokuta South, Ago Iwoye, Obafemi Owode, Sango Ota (Ifo), Sagamu and more.

Describe The Movement Of The Learning Train Within Your State

Learning Train has exposed the secret of the training key and has shown the privilege of meeting the team behind the scene which give quick support instead of individuals struggling to complete the course.

Describe The Process Of The TAFTA Action Learning Project Within Your State

Smooth as a group could function in Ago Iwoye after physical training and came up with a short film production. However, we have yet to decide on the instructor.

Share Insights Into The Welfare And Support Provided To The Course Participants In Your State.

Participants are mostly wowed, while some expect more.

Share The Outcomes And Achievements Of The Training Program In Your State

Ogun has trained over 5,000 Nigerian youths. Partnerships cut across Ogun State Commonwealth Youth of Nigeria, Gender Development Initiative, Ogun State SDGs, New Moon Productions, Lyceum, collaboration with NYSC, MAPOLY, FUNAAB, Ministry of Women Affairs, JONAPWD and a lot more. A lot of the graduates have been shown the path to becoming entrepreneurs, and a lot have gained internship/job opportunities in different organizations across Ogun State such as NTA, Lyceum, New Moon Productions, and more.

Is There Anything Else You Would Like To Add or Highlight About Your State’s  Involvement in Cohort 5 specifically and moving forward?

Strong partnerships that can accelerate the intervention have been signed and a lot is in the